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Who are we, and what do we do?

We are Individuals in Guitar-Praxis, we love the instrument but not so much the industry.

Lowbrow Guitar Co. is Guittek's left wing, the rebellious and the witty. After more than 15 years in instruments repairs, we know what is only hype, we can spot the snake oil, and certainly we are not after luxury furniture.

Optimizing instruments within a specific budget is our specialty, all the products with the "Lowbrow Guitars Co." logo will deliver and take you home in terms of comfort and performance. Although we have up to "10" different levels of instruments (from the Kit to the Ultimate custom guitar) all our guitars are meant to be working horses because there are no corners cut to give you less for your money. Dream it, share it and let's make it happen.

  • Tribute Series
    Inspired in the classics. These guitars are only made by batches per model, once a model is gone is long gone and we will move to the next model.
  • Tribute Custom
    Another classic inspired, but this time made for you on your rules, needs and desires, and without busting your bank.
  • Custom
    No boundaries, no limitations, no questions asked. An instrument brought specially to you be cause the market can't satisfy your dreams.

Topazio Standard

The Topazio Standard is based on the all time favorite T-Type guitar but with few modernized features.

The frets have been leveled and polished to perfection with a really low action, done only to impress because we suggest higher action for better tonality. The top shines like a mirror but the rest of the body is satin. At the inner cutaway we have sculpted it for better access to lower frets. The neck have been hand polished with oil to keep it smooth without ever getting sticky.

Only 375€

Because this model is based on the famous T-model, and because we think they look better when they have scares of war, we decided to apply a very thin finish of our proprietary combination of lacquers which will age more naturally and faster than a typical acrylic coat. So to summarize, we won’t relic the guitar for you but we can accelerate this aging process without using any destructive process.

The hardware and pickups are Wilkinson, budget yet with the best performance to keep the instrument at the best price point. MSRP 399.90€ Introduction sale price only 375€, buy now at Guittek’s Online Shop.

Tribute Custom

From those models known as modern classics you can choose: right or left hand, scale, woods, fret wire, pickguard, inlay and finish. About hardware there's a limit of price we can add: for example 2 boutique pickups, plus top quality brand tuners + bridge will be higher than the price of the guitar, but if there are parts you want/need wont be a problem but have in mind they will affect the price, which believe it or not starts from 600€, Yes! a Custom guitar made to your taste and requirements for that little money!

If the model you are looking for is not here, let us know because it doesn't mean is not possible.

Note: Because these are one-of custom made guitars, it is required a 50% payment up-front of the total.


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